about me or how it comes


I remember when I was a little kid I had a balsa block that was meant to be used to drive small nails in with a small hammer. But I was more interested in dismantling the block of wood itself with the hammer, which led to hours and days of hammering and a lot of recurring clutter on the kitchen floor. My mother's attempts to dissuade me from what she saw as destructive and pointless occupation failed.

Sometimes when I look around my life and work today, I notice that I am still doing what I liked or would have liked as a child, just with different tools, different goals and different intellects. In these moments I am - satisfied.

My mother doesn't scold any more either.


  • 1997-2000 apprenticeship as a carpenter
  •          2005 artist assistant "Faculty of fine Arts, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  •          2006 master craftsman examination in wood turning
  •                     Study of sculpture,
  •                     Academy of Fine Arts Munich
  •          2010 master class with Prof. Nikolaus Gerhard
  •          2014 diploma with Prof. Olaf Nicolai

 Exhibitions (selection) and prices: 

  •            "Talente-Award", IHM, Munich 1st prize
  •            Cheongju International Crafts Biennale, Korea, 2nd prize
  •            PAN Amsterdam (Gallery Brutto Gusto)
  •            Grassi Museum, Leipzig
  •            Art award of the city of Fürstenfeldbruck            
  •            Museum of Applied Arts MAK, Frankfurt
  •            Sponsorship award for applied arts, Bavaria, 1st prize
  •           “Sofa” Chicago with Sarah Myerschough Gallery      
  •            Design-Days Dubai (Sarah Myerschough)
  •           "Hand-Made", Boijmans vanBeuningen Museum, Rotterdam
  •           "COLLECT", London, (Sarah Myerschough)          
  •            Danner Prize Exhibition, Aschaffenburg 
  •            Municipal gallery Eichenmüllerhaus, Lemgo
  •            London Craft Week, 2019


 public u. private collections:

  •           Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam
  •           Cheongju Arts Center, Korea
  •           Lillian Montalto Bohlen Collection, USA