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where does the wood come from?

To claim the beauty of nature as my achievement is not for me. It is its own, stand-alone, absolute value. As an artist, I did not create the tree in all its uniqueness. I have the privilege of being inspired by him. I am socialized in the German foothills of the Alps, know how the forests sound and smell and what fairy tales should have taken place in them. So I consider the demand in this country for ever rarer, even more exotic woods to be an artistic and cultural indictment. I create from what is naturally available to me, like all pre-globalization generations.  The trees that I process come from a radius of max. 50 kilometers. Some old trees,...

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about wooden bowls, their use and care

  History   I assume that the use of the wooden vessel, i.e. a created or natural recess in a tree trunk, is one of the oldest cultural achievements of mankind.  The oldest wooden bowl in my hometown Munich found in a fountain is dated to 1288. The maple plate has a diameter of 28cm and is fully turned with a wide rim. It broke in two halves and was probably thrown into the well for that reason. Wood does not require laborious extraction and processing, as is the case with metal and ceramics, and it was only with growing prosperity and industrialization that these and other materials became accessible to the broader population. At the latest with the advent...

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