In terms of its appearance, the academy garden is a romanticized, idealized natural form, a well-kept and domesticated refuge for the longing for the locus amoenus, the lovely place, for decades. The place where lovers find each other, where the stream flows clean and clear, shapely trees provide shade and the birdsong sounds so lovely that every suffering is forgotten. A place that does not have to bow to the constraints of the earthly, but only serves for the purpose of lust, love and inspiration.

In many a forgotten moment, when the water of the pond uniformly carries its reflections to the shore, when the bright pillars of the sun rise up between the branches, one could forget that he's in a regulated, lawn-mowed, pond-film-guarded enclave with opening times and fences, more stately Landscape architecture 

to sit, surrounded by the proverbial non-place, the locus terribilis.

With my work "Hermitage" I want to shed light on the tension between these two poles, in which a shelter is being built, in which the coexistence of those two places is sung, which gives the opportunity to talk about one's own longings, past forms of longing and the is- To reflect on the state of affairs, to become clear about one's own location of these two contrary states.

Wood, oak tree slices, steel
Diameter: 6.20 m
Height: 5.00 m